I’m Back!

Hello Lovelies!

As you may know I have just recently returned from my first trip to Japan! I was just blown away by house nice everything is, the cleanliness of everything, and how put together everyone looks all the time.  I was only in Japan for three days so it was a rather quick trip. On the very first day my family and I all had a bit of jet lag and were all up very early that morning.  First we met up with a very nice lady named Asami and she took us on the subway over to my school in Chofu.  Once again everything was absolutely beautiful and modern.  My new school is called The American School in Japan -so creative right?-  or ASIJ for short.  The school and school grounds are beautiful especially with cherry blossom trees in the court yards. A few hours later we headed out but not before eating cafeteria food.  It is amazing how such a big city can feel so small and have so much diversity. The rest of my day and the next consisted of Asami taking us to apartments and another Japanese woman named Emmy.  One of the first apartments we visited will- fingers crossed- be my new home away from home. Nothing is official, no papers have been signed yet but we are 90% of the way through the process and it’s looking good for us.  Ironically the apartment reminds me a lot of our apartment in Shanghai. Day three was the day when Asami took us all around the city, everywhere from Roppongi, Aka-saka and Yoyogi.  Surprisingly you can find green spaces everywhere so it doesn’t always feel like you are in a city.  After a few days back I am glad to be home and to be over my jet lag. There are still so many exciting things to come and don’t worry I took lots of pictures while I was away, I will make sure to post lots of them too! (Also side note- I got glasses over spring break as well)


That’s all for now.




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