The Little Things

How much is too much? Lately, I have found myself wondering how I am going to deal with all this change. Everything around me is changing. I wonder if I will loose myself amongst the constant change whirling around me. Do you ever realize how much of a routinely human being you are? Without even realizing it, I bet you like to wake up around the same time every morning, you eat the same cereal for breakfast, or maybe you like to have wear a certain pair of shoes with that one pair of jeans. Say you are out  of that cereal in the morning, even the smallest little things can wreck your day. Now imagine, no longer being able come home, not being able to ride your bus to your school, or even go to that school, imagine your home being taken away from you and now your bed. As humans we tend to make the details matter. Suffice to say I am going to miss it here, no matter how much I have day dreamed about running away to some place new in the past, I am going to miss this place.  So my life is bittersweet.  Of course there are things I will be glad to get away from but there are others that have made me who I am today and these are the kinds of things I am going to miss.


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