Seize the day- new meaning

As I am sitting on a bus driving across Switzerland I’ve had the opportunity to plug my ear phones in, sit for hours and watch the terrain change before my eyes. After 8 hours of driving one has had a good amount of time to think. My thoughts were consumed with the idea of time. A concept that I found to be rather unappreciated. Time never seems precious until you are running out of it. Lately, that’s all my time has been doing. My time here in Europe is coming to an end and soon will my time in the USA.  If we keep wasting our days pretty soon they’ll be gone. For those of you who wish your life were more satisfying or exciting: put down the phone, get up, and go out, go talk to that person that’s always interested you.

Growing up in a city where almost no one goes anywhere, the presence of people is so unappreciated. Now that my clock is ticking I have regrets, I wish I jumped at more opportunities. I wish I talked to the new kids more or plainly put more effort into relationships. The security of having a constant living environment had kept me in a bubble. I rarely broke out of my shell. So moral of the story- you never know how long you have, so take advantage of every second of it.

And so I challenge you to make an effort, to talk to someone that you have always thought highly of but was afraid to talk to or mingle with persons outside your group.

“Do one thing a day that scares you.” -Eleanor Rosevelt

I promise you won’t regret it.


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