Tokyo Perks.


Lately I have been a little bummed out about the move and I wanted to change that. So I made a list of all the things I am looking forward to. Because why have a bad attitude about it? The future is inevitable. And so without further a due I give you my list of Tokyo Perks.

  1. Netflix What Not to Wear with mama
  2. Being Anonymous
  3. Starting a potted plant collection
  4. Making new friends
  5. All you can drink tea
  6. Sushi bars and ramen
  7. More blogging
  8. Extra travel
  9. Exploring Tokyo
  10. Buying weird Japanese knickknacks like Poppin Cookin
  11. Seeing dogs in strollers
  12. New home
  13. Japanese game shows
  14. I’ll finally have a proper use for my Japanese socks
  15. Just more tea. I’m in a relationship with my tea time.

Life Update in 30 points or less

  1. My house is practically empty
  2. I sleep on a futon
  3. My house is being rented out for 2 years
  4. I adopted a pen pal
  5. My dad is living in Japan for the month of July
  6. I am being kicked out of my house on the 28th, going to become a hobo and jump around for a few days (translation: I’m staying at friends)
  7. My flight leaves early August 6th
  8. I move my brother into his apartment this weekend
  9. I got a big hair cut
  10. Reconnected with a friend after 5 years
  11. I plan on convincing my parents to buy a dog in Tokyo
  12. Our boat shipment was delayed due to a typhoon
  13. I got a sweet new computer because of the move
  14. I made a friend in Japan
  15. Got my license. And learned to spell the word license correctly
  16. With the extra room in this house I can roll around on an exercise ball onto the futon, it’s pretty much the dream set up.
  17. Packing is super lame
  18. The number of things I own is overwhelming
  19. The fact that more things will be waiting for me on the other side of the ocean is scary
  20. Packing is still super lame