Life Update in 30 points or less

  1. My house is practically empty
  2. I sleep on a futon
  3. My house is being rented out for 2 years
  4. I adopted a pen pal
  5. My dad is living in Japan for the month of July
  6. I am being kicked out of my house on the 28th, going to become a hobo and jump around for a few days (translation: I’m staying at friends)
  7. My flight leaves early August 6th
  8. I move my brother into his apartment this weekend
  9. I got a big hair cut
  10. Reconnected with a friend after 5 years
  11. I plan on convincing my parents to buy a dog in Tokyo
  12. Our boat shipment was delayed due to a typhoon
  13. I got a sweet new computer because of the move
  14. I made a friend in Japan
  15. Got my license. And learned to spell the word license correctly
  16. With the extra room in this house I can roll around on an exercise ball onto the futon, it’s pretty much the dream set up.
  17. Packing is super lame
  18. The number of things I own is overwhelming
  19. The fact that more things will be waiting for me on the other side of the ocean is scary
  20. Packing is still super lame

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