3 Weeks in and Already Sleep Deprived

Hey y’all

Long time no see, I know. I guess school and a social life just do not go together and adding blog postings to that doesn’t easily fit in my 24 hour days. Truth is I am insanely busy– this is not a pity party or a lame excuse for not posting for all of you- it’s the truth.

I seem to have a shortage of leisure time and time in general. I spend about 12 hours at school/commuting to and from school everyday which doesn’t leave me much time for anything else. And no it’s not the “Asian cultural norm” to practically live at school. I did this to myself. I have volleyball practice four days a week and with my off day I’m still at school. I am the student head of costumes for the fall play. Yes, they gave me a fancy title. Both keep me super occupied and then there is the whole you are here for school and learning thing which requires studying and homework to be completed after I get home at 7 o’clock from an already long and exhausting day. And then the you also need sleep to function issue that gets in the way.

All of the craziness aside- I love it. Yes I am super busy and am trying to squeeze in a social life with it all but I’m enjoying it. Everything is new and fresh.

I also had my first felt earthquake the other day. I feel like I shouldn’t have enjoyed it but I did. It is such a weird feeling to know that the whole world below you is shaking. The ground is normally something that you think of as sturdy but it really isn’t. The shelves, desks, chairs, doors, and everything was shaking including the floor. I was in Japanese class at the time on the second floor and I enjoyed it way more than I should have. It was like the grumbling and gargling you feel and hear when your stomach is empty but with the walls around you, almost as if you were in an empty stomach. Earthquake summed up- it was amazing.

I also realized how much we don’t accredit people for how talented they truly are. When you first meet someone and get to know them you are just in awe of who they are and all that they can do but after awhile none of us feel special or talented. I just wonder why we do this? Why do we not let each other know how incredible they are?

That was totally random and I realize that. Since no one likes reading long texts on the internet and pictures are worth a thousand words I have photos for you all.

These photos make it look like I have four friends. But correction -I have five.