2015- Unofficial Q&A

Konichiwa kiddos! Sorry for the late of updates as of late. I was struggling to find inspiration and time to put into a new post. However I am putting an end to that now.

I recently have been doing some catching up with an old friend and have been answering her questions. Which I am assuming have responses that might answer some of your questions.  I’ll add in some photos to spice up the massive amounts of text I sent her back in reply.

First the questions-

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.35.54 PM

And now for my responses.

1. Bunny cafes are magical places on earth. There is one right by my house! It’s so amazing. You just go and chill with a bunny in your lap with a cup of tea. It’s my favorite pass time. They should know my name by now. You can also hold a hedgehog and I want to buy one. Seriously resisting the urge, and the fact that my parents would disapprove.

Random— living here is so great I get to shop at Zara and in Shibuya. Google Shibuya or shibuya crossing, it’s very famous and insane. But so great to be in, especially at night, it can be pitch black out but you wouldn’t know because you are completely surrounded by lights. You can see perfectly, you have to look up to realize it’s dark. It’s honestly so cool.
2. We have discovery channel lol. Yes and no, not many channels and they all come in Japanese only some of them can you press certain buttons on the remote (which is in japanese characters) to change it to english language. I don’t watch tv here. We have netflix, plus with intense school I don’t have time for it anyways.
3. I take Japanese. I have an oral reading quiz tomorrow in class. I can read a lot of things I just don’t know what it means all the time. I have one of the three alphabets memorized. I’m working on the second. And the third is almost endless.
4. I’ve done so many cool things I’m not sure. Tokyo is amazing, there’s city life with the luxury of trains and being able to go wherever you want when you want, and then there are mountains that I can go to and the ocean. There is this really cool Modern art museum that I want to go to so so so bad in Tokyo. They make freakin clouds and put them in a box where you can walk in. It looks incredible and it’s only 45 minutes by train. Sounds far away but it’s not.
I think I told you about the giant buddha that I got to go inside on Sunday! Hey, I have field trips back. We have this things at school called JUMP trips, which is all these super awesome trips around japan that you miss school for and head off for 3 days. I did Outdoor Japan which was the most amazing thing ever. Japan in beautiful. We went up in the mountains, we did hikes, we went canyoning which is essentially jumping down waterfalls and such (so freakin amazing), we did stand up  paddle boarding in the pouring rain and pushed each other off and all road down rapids on the board. The water was freezing and so was the air but you got used to it. And there was white water rafting, bomb fires, shrine hikes, cable car rides, and onsens. Might sound strange to you but it’s like a public bath house-kinda. You go into this steaming room (naked) and wash yourself on these little stools with a hand held shower head in front of you, then you go in this hot tub aka onsen aka おんせん aka bath essentially. We always went when it was dark and opened up the windows so you had the cold air and the steam. We were in the mountains in a remote area so no one could see us, but they also have little waterfalls, they’re so relaxing. I just realized the amount of run on sentences I just created.
Hope I’m not boring you.
I could talk for hours about all the cool things I have done.
5. Fun things near me-everything- everything is so easily accessible. In Japanese they have the best restaurants in the world and take a lot of pride in what they do. So the food is amazing, never a disappointment. There is karaoke everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I have yet to do it but I will at some point. Things change here all the time. Right now I can go ice skating like 5 minutes from my house. I honestly just go get food with friends all the time. Here the Japanese are horrible at guessing age of Caucasians so of course drinking and clubs is an option here (not how I spend my time however).
6. Biggest adjustment- Language was kind of weird at first but since I lived in Shanghai adjusting to not being able to understand what is being said around you wasn’t such a big adjustment, just something to get used to. I think it’s my house. I’m still not used to my room. I honestly don’t like the way it is. This is my home now obviously but because I still have my house in Indiana it doesn’t really feel like my home, just an apartment with my stuff in it. Lately, everything has felt so temporary and it’s been unsettling. My room has definitely been a frustration.
Adjusting to school was a big thing, not anymore. I had to learn macs, all their online pages, how to stay organized and switch to doing most things on my laptop. And then there was the whole not knowing or recognizing anyone, that too has gotten better. I still want to keep meeting people and making friends. I hate feeling limited to one crowd. I’ve always been a floater. I just feel slightly stuck right now.
7. Yes we have prom! It’s just like prom in America
I explained a lot of the big differences of school a little bit. When I came to ASIJ they gave me a school email and now I have to my email daily. It was quite honestly overwhelming back in August when it all started. I was rapid fired emails in the beginning, with me being new, meetings with the councilors, orientation, meetings, the daily bulletin of the next day’s activities, Saturday bus sign ups, club start ups, etc. So many emails and not a lot of familiarity.
8. My address (beware it looks very different) is
6-19-19 Akasaka
Hikawa Gardens #101
Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052
Feel free to fire more questions at me. And I will do my best to answer them all.
My personal email is: csingell0@gmail.com
My school email: 16singellc@asij.ac.jp