Finally finding a sense of direction, maybe.

You all know the dreaded questions that come from adults mouths when you get to a certain age. No matter what life stage you are at there is always a guaranteed uncomfortable encounter.

When are you going to have kids? (Age 27), Are you going to propose? (Age 23), Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? (Age 21), WHAT DO YOU WANT TO STUDY IN COLLEGE? (very much me right now, 17). Seems simple enough for some people, people with solid direction and life-long instinctual drive towards a certain career path but a whole lot less simple for someone who hasn’t figured out themselves yet, not even their palate. Half the time I can not pick out a burger for myself, so I panic and default back to my regular avocado burger when it comes down to it. Me being asked what I want to do with the rest of my life is catastrophic, there is no default I lean on. It is a guaranteed different answer every time. Started off with vet but after 15 years of serve animal allergy denial I have moved on from that, next up was nurse because if I couldn’t do animals why not people?Wrong. Very wrong. Science is so not my thing, I like fluffy puppies, not germ balls. The nurse boat sailed pretty darn quickly. After filling through pretty much every medical occupation ever known to man, the science field switched to the arts. However I think I’m getting better at the university studying question response. I have cut my Tina Belcher “uhhh” response time way down.

Last time an adult popped the question I was being driven to my final ACT test (which I am officially done with standardized testing HALLELUJAH to that. And for those of you wondering how I did the second time around– I did not improve at all.)

My response came after a long Tina Belcher “Uhhh”.

I responded with jumbled sentences that ultimately lead to writing. Most of it is a blur because every single bs siren was going off in my brain. The experience is fairly accurately summed up with this Tina gif.


Ultimately this response sits the best and is the closest to my idea of what I see myself enjoying 5 years from now. And now I feel like slightly less of a train wreck.

Honesty hour:

I don’t know what the heck I want to do with the rest of my life. I believe that the jobs that my generation is going to be exposed to have not been invented yet.

I was recently asked what my dream job would be if I could choose from anything, even then I wanted to slide to the floor. I have many ideas just not one that I have fully decided on. The curse of indecisiveness.


After a solid week of vacation time on another continent and many hours spent on a plane, train, or car browsing magazines. I was thinking why not work for one, a magazine or a website which has led me to now, my current daydream and aspiration Buzzfeed.

I would like to be a writer for Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed writers are fantastically honest, and have the more charismatic personal voice. Let me at that.

I have a short patience when it comes to projects. I love the satisfaction I can get from them and just move on. I can reflect and just move on to something newer and more exciting. It’s short-term. Perfect for a person with an ENFP personality that like the be constantly moving on with her life. The articles are so broad and universal. Buzz feed’s base reaches 200M people. Knowing that people would actually read my words is nice. There’s so much opportunity in the field. Everything about it is alluring to me now that I think this being a possibility. Give me some feminine issue to discuss and I’ll eat it right up. Heck I would do the job now.

There are a hundred other reasons as to why this would be a good fit but this isn’t a “Why do you think this is the job for you?” application essay.

Writing like that for a living is the dream. But can someone please answer for me what kind of college degree one needs to attain to become a killer successful writer for internationally popular internet websites that address everything from politics to controversial topics to  DIY to baby animals.