Over the Hump

With everything there is a point were you just want to quit and give up but once you get past that certain point it gets easier. Oncer past it you can just cruise like it is no big deal.

Workouts: after five minutes I’m over it but if you distract yourself enough that you aren’t bored and focused on counting down to an acceptable time to quit, you can go much much farther.

Same goes for my sleep pattern for me it is 10:00 bed time or 3:00 am, there is no in between.

Year one had it’s challenges, ups and downs. But all that means nothing in comparison to the reward. Honestly, I couldn’t picture myself being anywhere else. Tokyo feels like it has been my home forever. I have become so accustom to the transportation system, my apartment, the people I have met, and the travel that I have done. Tokyo is my home really, I have a job here, I attend school here, I have friends here, my family is here (most of it, hi Brendan), my apartment is here, all of my things are here. Going back in a year is going to be hard. I’d say it is safe to say I am over the hump on this journey. 2014 has come and go, school year number two has begun and now it is time for part two to commence .

In retrospect, I should have taken more photos and posted more on my blog. But who is to say I won’t be better in 2015-2016.

Side note: I think the attribute of world traveler can officially be applied. In one year I travelled to Bangkok, Phuket, Port Douglas, Cairns, Sydney, Tokyo (and back many times), Honolulu, Maui, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Denver.

Further Side note:This year’s travel plans include the US, Bali, and if all goes well Bhutan. Plus the various trips around Japan I have roughly planned but aren’t worth mentioning at the moment.


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