I apologize if you were ever given the impression that I am a timely person because I most certainly am not. I am the polar opposite of timely ninety percent of the time. Very sorry to those of you about to watch this video and look at these pictures who are bundled in multiple layers of clothing because it is 52 degrees and cloudy out. But my Thailand video simply could not wait any longer. It is already long over due.

I’m going to be perfectly honest, I spent a lot of my time in Thailand poolside with a box of pizza. Who wouldn’t take advantage of poolside service? Not the mention I could walk to the ocean in seconds from the pool. In the time that I wasn’t enjoying a beautiful slice of golden margarita pizza I was in the ocean, exploring the island, eating Thai food, riding and feeding elephants, watching the locals play with fire, boating to Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee, no joke) Island, checking out Maya Bay or gushing at the beauty of Thailand.

Thank you parents

Thank you parents! We missed you B.


2 thoughts on “Thailand

  1. Singell says:

    Love you pictures, your story and that you are having these opportunities to explore the world. The experience will likely Cary blessings for the remainder of your life. We send our love,
    Abuelo and Santa Barbara

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