Boats & Bikes

My dad and a few of his buddies committed to a 160 km ride around the island of Okinawa. They were so easily persuaded to go for the 160 verses 100. Go big or go home, right? So the guys brought along their families as well. The weather forecast for the day of their race was predicted to be thunderstorms, heavy rain, and extreme winds. The morning of the ride the weather looked good enough, God was looking out for them surely. However, they weren’t so lucky. They started with five minutes of great weather until the rain started. And that rain came down, and down, and down. It didn’t stop. While the boys were out getting completely soaked, the ladies of the trip were also getting soaked but under different circumstances. The women went whale watching in the craziest weather, probably the craziest weather possible to still take a boat of people out to sea. Rain + gigantic waves = a very wet group of whale watchers.


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