Happy 2

Two years later and my incredibly ridiculously named blog, comewithme123 lives on. Two whole years have passed since I created this. I have an incredible knack for starting something and never fully finishing it. To me this blog is a real accomplishment.  This blog is the first thing I did for myself as a person, no educational obligation or strings attached. I created this.

What I really want to say is: thank you. I set out to communicate with dear friends and family members. And I did that.  I was able to communicate with my intended audience and so many others. Below I have a picture of the countries that my viewers viewed my blog from. I am guilty of checking my blog stats after every post I make. And as far as I am aware, I do not know anyone residing in Russia. It makes my heart so incredibly happy to see how many of you are reading. Thank you a million times over. I have loved getting your feedback. I have enjoyed the pleasure of reaching a huge variety of different people. Thank you for a great two years, here is to at least two more.


Worldwide Stats Collab start-2016