Dutch Side Braid & Ponytail Braid

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hair spot - 1

All too often my go-to hair styles for hot days are simple ponytails or messy buns. Braids are a great solution for mixing it up. Having long hair is actually so nice for doing hair braids. There is so much that you can do with your hair when it is long vs. when it is short. ┬áBraids are just a quick way of getting your hair off you neck and they look nice too. Whenever I do not have a lot of time in the morning to get ready I put my hair in a braid. Braids look fancy and they take less time than actually straightening or curling my hair. And it is a nice change from my all too regular pony tail or messy bun. With that being said, a Dutch Side Braid is one of my favorite “fancy” and quick hairstyles. I like Dutch braids because they pop out more, they are more obvious and more unique, except in actuality they are really just a French braid reversed. And the addition of one small pulled apart braid to a pony tail looks sleek and adds a point of interest.