Living Update: College Dorm

In August I started school at Indiana University and honestly I could not be happier with my living situation. My room is so incredibly homie. Adding a couch and rug made the biggest difference. And having a Keurig in the room makes me feel like I am living in luxury. I have the best roommate (she makes hot cocoa ya’ll) and the cutest room- not to brag or anything, but we totally have the best looking room on our floor.

I am honestly shocked at how well we were able to pull this off. Never in my life have I had full responsibility over every piece going into my room. And never have I gone into it so blind. When assigned a room at IU the only detail you are given is the room number. Sure, you can look online at the sample layout but the website also says each room varies in layout. Trying to decorate a space that you have the slightest idea of what it theoretically looks like is quite the challenge. I was able to see a sample dorm room before moving in and that did not get me excited for dorm life at all- the room was so rough. So bare… So unappealing… Very drab.


BUT- I am so pleased to say that I am happy with my living arrangements. And my room is so much better than those neutral curtains, plain walls, beat up doors and dirty carpeting.

It is much cuter.



Week 10- Fall Break

high above the clouds

Again I am exhausted but loving life. It is fall break and I am selfishly taking all the time in the world for myself and doing so without any regrets. The five hours of sleep that I got Friday night was made up for the fact that I was woken up for a road trip out of the city. For a much needed trip away from everything. What I really had been needed over the past couple of weeks had been time to decompress and I finally got that this weekend. I love road trips and I am so glad I got to experience one here in Tokyo.

Tokyo looks vastly different, depending on where you are, from what most people would expect. Yes, it is a big city but you can drive an hour and a half to mountains and beautiful nature. I hiked Mt. Fuji and managed to trip up the mountain and fall down it. The Japanese guy behind me laughed…. so I started laughing with him. Luckily no one else in my family saw. I was so far ahead of them all- I was really happy to be done with the mountain and got a little too excited. But now I have some awesome Fuji battle scares.


I’ve also developed a guilty pleasure of chocolate covered almonds that are so conveniently located in every convenient store and there are a lot of convenient stores here. A LOT. I can walk to three within five minutes from my house.  It is almost an addiction considering they were my breakfast yesterday.

Living in this city is honestly great. I spent yesterday exploring Tokyo with my German friend. Essentially we went to as many pet stores as we possibly could, ran around an 8-story shop that has absolutely everything (Don Quijote),then consumed ice cream and gummy bears.

Good day. Good weekend. Good break. Good life.