Week One

The very beginning of this adventure started on a 3 hour delay due to a no show pilot. As if the journey wasn’t long enough already. The trip over was relatively painless and uneventful and as close to bliss as you can get while suspended  40,000 feet in the air.

Day one started off with babysitting my sick little sister then escaping the apartment for fresh air and cell phones. The company sent a Japanese woman with us to help with the phone process, instead of letting her do her job I let her watch Japanese tv with me that I couldn’t understand a word of and roughly translate. And that is roughly translated to- I asked stupid questions and she laughed at me. At least she liked me and thought I was funny.

Day two- is now a complete blur and I can’t distinguish between the days. Day two I believe was our first Costco outing. It was the first real driving experience, we attempted to use the navigation system that is now called Cindy. Costco is almost the same as in the US with the exception of a few products and all of the labels are written in Japanese. But thank God they still have pizza.

On whatever Sunday I was here for my family and I went to church at 11. It was insane. The Japanese take what they are doing very seriously. There were strobe lights, glow sticks, reggae music, and lots of jumping. It was like going to a concert but instead of listening to teenage angsty music it was all about Jesus. Which was honestly the coolest thing ever. It was so cool to see people from all over the world come together and worship Christ. I love’d really getting to see the extent of the body of Christ. And the people we so crazy nice. I was immediately surrounded by all these tiny and cute Japanese girls that wanted to talk to me. They took me out in the typhoon weather to grab lunch and then my sister and I came back to see my parents with a mob of friends too. We ended up actually eating lunch at an Italian restaurant with the Swiss and English.

I even spent a day with a girl from church, we went shopping, ventured around and messed around in a Photo Booth.

As for school, it starts a week from today and I am swamped with APUSH homework (AP US History). It is quiet possibly the most boring task I have had to complete.

My sister and I went through round one of new student orientation, which sounds horrendous but turned out to be not so bad. Because of that I got to meet the coolest people, that are so cultured, and have been all over the world. I love hearing their stories, hearing where all they have been and learning more about them. I had no idea I would enjoy being the new kid so much. I fully expected to be the most awkward little shy kid at first. I guess if you set your expectations that low you can’t be disappointed? Anyways I met such amazing people that were so friendly and genuine. One even lives two apartment buildings away from mine. I’d say 4+ friends before school even starts is a success. And two friends before even moving to the country is even more of a success.

Part 2 of orientation is on the 21st and I have plans to walk with my new friend to Roppongi to meet other kids and then the train station and school.

Two of my days (including yesterday) were spent almost completely indoors due to sickness (and vomiting, if you really wanted to know what was wrong with me). I have done a ton of exploring but there will be more on that later!

Sayonara kids-



Japanese Gas Station Adventure

My apologies for not posting any sooner. I normally blog late at night when no one is awake to distract me or take me away from my computer, here I am still adjusting to jet lag and go to bed around eight.

Enjoy our horrendous attempt navigate the streets, control a Japanese car and stay alive.